Monday, April 11, 2016

Sportsguard, mouthguard and athletic guards

This mighty important piece of material has several names and several purposes. If you play any sport, whether or not it is considered to be 'contact', you should be wearing a sports guard to protect yourself!


Injury of the face, mouth, jaw, teeth, head (including concussions) and other surrounding structures are very common when being active. There are innumerable medical, financial, cognitive, psychological and social costs (including pain!) directly related to these types of injury, which CAN BE AVOIDED with your handy dandy sports guard.


Any activity with a significant chance for contact with other participants or hard surfaces requires protection. Those who participate in basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, squash, racquetball, lacrosse, rugby, in-line skating and martial arts, or even recreational sports such as skateboarding and bicycling, should wear sport guards when practicing or competing.

Type Description
Custom Made The dentist takes an impression of the patient's mouth and the sports guard is fabricated from a cast model of the patient's teeth. This method provides the best fit, protection and comfort. The custom-made sports guard is most durable, can be modified for specific sports and patient-need and does not interfere with speech or breathing.
Boil and bite or mouth-formed This type of sports guard requires heating in warm water and then the user bites into the warm plastic. Because it is not vacuum-fitted onto a model of the patient's teeth, the fit is not as precise. The heating process will also reduce the longevity of the sports guard. Discuss this option with your dentist.
Stock or ready-made Made of rubber or polyvinyl, the ready-made sports guard is a generic fit with limited comfort, protection and durability. It is often bulky and loose-fitting and may interfere with breathing and speech.
Factors we need to assess prior to fabrication:
  • Size of mouth
  • Bite
  • Type of sport played
  • Whether or not the patient wears braces or other appliances
Each patient's very specific needs must be addressed for maximum comfort and protection.


You can give us a call or let us know at your next visit that you need one to protect yourself or your child.

It will include two short visits.
  • The first visit is booked for half of an hour to impress or scan the teeth- we have the custom guard fabricated in the colour of your choice.
  • Be aware that some sports and/or organizations only allow certain colours; for example, red, clear and black are commonly not accepted.
  • The second visit is to fit in the custom guard ensuring proper fit and comfort.

Caring for your sports guard will help it take care of your teeth longer!
  • Rinse your sports guard under COLD water after each use and air dry. Occasionally clean it with mild soap and water or mouthwash.
  • Store your sports guard in the case we give to you to avoid damage to it including excess heat/cold.
  • Wear your sports guard properly; do not cut/alter/chew on it.
  • Check your sports guard regularly and inform us of any signs of wear, tears, cracks that can weaken it. If your bite has changed or for the young ones they have new teeth, this needs to be assessed by us.
Luckily, many sports require the athlete to wear a sports guard in order to play; they should be thanked as they are saving you and/or your child's brain cells and teeth; to say a couple

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