Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Xylitol Oral Health and Benefits with Diabetics

Xylitol in the oral cavity has many benefits. It helps reduce Strep. mutants ( the plaque causing bacteria) And reduces the risk of dental decay. Xylitol is often found in gum and now in dental rinses, toothpaste and lozenges. It has been effective in preventing decay and xylitol toothpaste is often looked at as a natural approach to cavity prevention. Xylitol-enhanced fluoride toothpaste has been found to help protect against tooth decay and decrease patients risk for further problems. Our office carries a number of xylitol enhanced products, and is often advised to help with our increased risk patients to help with their daily oral hygiene and fight against decay.

Xylitol has been used in a number of countries as an effective sugar substitute. It can help with sugar cravings, and is a huge benefit for diabetics with sugar craving struggles. Xylitol helps avoid sugar spikes with its lack of need for insulin to be metabolized and can replace sugar on a 1:1 basis. Xylitol is seven on the glycemic index... sugar is 68.

Sara Agnew

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