Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Kids Corner......

Get outside and enjoy the spring weather this season! Here are some ideas to do as a family

  1. Pack a Picnic. Kids love eating outside, pack an easy lunch and head to your local park or beach.
  2. Sidewalk chalk. Pick up some sidewalk chalk at your local dollar store and head outdoors. Your drive way, the sidewalk or a path at the park all make great canvases. Use your imagination or have your kids lay down and trace an outline around their bodies, then let them have fun drawing on cloths and accessories.
  3. Hike. Google local trails; you can print out a map, and take the family foe a hike.
  4. Neighborhood clean up. Grab some garbage bags and gloves and find a local stop that could use some clean up. Help out the environment and teach your family a valuable lesson at the same time.
  5. Fly a kite. Pick a windy day and head out to an area with lots of space and show your kids how to fly a kite. (or learn yourself).
  6. Plant something. Most kids love to help in the garden, if you are a gardener consider giving your child a special area or "small garden" of their own and help them chose plants they like, this can turn into a great summer long project. If you are not a gardener start small, maybe a container garden for the deck. Your local nursery can help you choose a variety that will do well and be easy to maintain.
  7. Bird watch. Take a camera and go for a walk and see how many different birds you can spot, if you get photos you can keep track of which ones you have seen and identify them online or in a book. If your kids are into it you can even turn it into a contest to see who can spot the most, or new kinds.
  8. Tag. Tag is always a fun way to get active and involve everyone in the family.
  9. Wash the car. Fun and productive, on a nice day get out the hose and get the kids involved.
  10. Treasure hunt. Make up a list of things the kids can find in the yard or at the park (make it easy for young ones and more of a challenge if they are older). Offer a prize, like whoever gets the most items the fastest chooses dessert for the night.

Kim Thompson
Practice Manager

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