Tuesday, October 31, 2017

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Comprehensive care to dental emergencies we've got you covered!
How do I know when I need to see the dentist? Is this an emergency?

If you've had injury to your teeth or gums. If you experience trauma that causes swelling, pain, laceration (more than a small cut) or displacement of your teeth. You should seek dental treatment as soon as possible, call your dentist they will go over your symptoms and prioritize you seeing the dentist. Sometimes the results of an impact are not noticeable at first but can develop over the following weeks, when in doubt it is best to have an x-ray of the area to check for trauma to the root area of the teeth evolved.
Or you could give out a toothbrush, that's what Dr. Gray gives out!

If you have pain and/or swelling. You should see your dentist, don’t put it off. Pain and swelling are signs of infection, which can be serious and lead to not only tooth loss but also serious medical complications if left untreated.

If you have an abscess. You may notice a pimple like blister or swelling, on you gum above the tooth involved, this likely indicates an abscess. An abscess is a serious infection which should be treated right away; it can lead to tooth loss and serious medical complications if left untreated. 

If you have broken tooth or lost filling without pain. This is not a serious emergency, but you should see your dentist to have it fixed before it gets worse. Once a filling comes out, or a tooth breaks it is more susceptible to further damage and infection if not taken care of, and may become unrestorable (unsaveable).

If you have unexplained bleeding from your mouth. Unless you have caused trauma (bit your cheek etc.) your mouth should not bleed, if it does this is likely caused by gum disease, which and lead to tooth loss and medical implications such as heart disease.  Make an appointment with your dentist or dental hygienist for a thorough exam. 

Kim Thompson
Practice Manager

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